Out of the blue – not quite

In 2006 my art teacher Mariëtte Renssen was very enthusiastic when I told her I was going to Paris. I had to go see the Yves Klein exhibition in the Centre Pompidou. I had never heard of the guy, but who was I to doubt her? Did the google thing and found out the man was pretty big in monochrome painting, mostly blue. He even developed his own special brand of blue: YKB.

Definitely blue

Definitely blue

So… I went. Wasn’t blown away immediately, stunned may be a better word. Being surrounded by all YKB canvasses was a mind blowing experience that for some reason keeps coming back to me. Maybe the time to find out why has come. Yesterday our teacher Manel Esparbé i Gasca asked us take the plunge into monochrome painting. His class is called LAB and we’re supposed to do research, in books, on the internet and by trying our own hand at painting, taking photographs or making video’s. All this has to be logged to serve as a personal record, source of information and to share with others.

I’m used to sharing. For the past year I’ve been showing documentaries about art in my private salon for a small band of art-loving women. Of particular interest for the subject of monochromes is the fourth episode in the series “This Is Modern Art” by artist and art critic Matthew Collings, named “Nothing Matters”. It used to be on Youtube, some of the other episodes in the series still are and well worth taking a peek. Fellow students: you will be able to see the movie this week, just watch your inbox.

3 gedachten over “Out of the blue – not quite

  1. I would have loved the exhibition in Pompidou! I have only seen Klein paintings ‘solo’ but I found that mind blowing already 😉 YKB is a tactile kind of blue.. fascinating! 🙂 I look forward to reading about your monochrome project!

  2. Ah monochromes! One thing I’d like to point out about monochromes is the physical effect it has on people. The complementary colour you see after looking at a monochrome, the feeling it can give in your stomach or head, and sometimes the unstoppable urge to touch.
    I remember one time I visited an exhibition in Germany and came across a black painting. Black as in a black hole, black as in -nothing there- and I already lifted my hand to feel. I really thought I was gonna put my hand in a hole.
    Luckily I didn’t really touch it and thank god no security around me 🙂

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