Last week’s LAB assignment was to create an avatar mask. In my early years on the internet I used to hide behinde a cartoon avatar and hardly ever revealed my true identity. Over the past years I discovered that being part of the social media world as myself was so much better than hiding behind a digital mask. So no matter how interesting it might have been to create a new identity I felt this one had to be about my real online presence. My avatar is part of it and thanks to it people in varied places all over the world like Shanghai, New Jersey, Bavaria and Amsterdam will immediately recognize me as @fiederels. So I made ava-ava, and stayed true to myself.


Photography: Daphne Horn - @ikbendaf

I rather like the other possibilities of the ava-ava, like sharing my identity with others. By lending someone my avatar, do they become me a little bit? Being @fiederels – please tell me what it’s like!

Months ago  I had some great fun on Twitter when I borroughed someone else’s avatar and created minor disruptions in his time-space continuum.

At this moment I’m using my ava-ava as my avatar on Twitter. Now I have an ava-ava-ava.

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