Can’t help it

I just love drawing

It’s all about sharing – Kunst!Film!

Once upon a time, because I love sharing my experiences with others, I decided to buy a beamer, clear some wall space and started showing my collection of art documentaries to friends on my now famous Kunst!Film! (Art!Movie!) nights. This has been going on now for over a year. Often we discuss what we’ve seen for a bit, we let it inspire us, but mostly we have a great time sharing our creative and art-loving lives and the odd bottle of wine.

Personal favorites so far:

  • Art:21 – PBS series, now in it’s fifth season. Every episode has four portraits of  contemporary artists loosely connected by a shared theme, lovingly made and no boring talking heads. Don’t know what to ask for Christmas? Look no further.

  • The 1998 Channel 4 series This Is Modern Art by Matthew Collings. I just love the way he talks about art – no pseudo-intellectual bullshit, but straight-forward and often personal insights for anyone who’s interested in modern art. Beware: he might actually make you think.

Drawing matters

Jonas Ohlsson’s first drawing classes are just meant to loosen up… no pressure, just getting into the flow. I like it, especially since he’s also an imaginative DJ, playing all kinds of weird and inspiring music during the class. So this is me…. loosening up in the first two lessons.


Just doodling



Drawing me out of my comfort zone

For almost ten years I have worked as a consultant for cultural heritage, landscape and spatial developments. I used to love the bit where I worked with artists and landscape architects. In 2006 I made a great discovery while participating in a workshop at the ArtEZ Academie van Bouwkunst by John Lonsdale and Marieke Berkers: how much I loved crossing the line and being part of the creative process myself. I felt I should start acquiring some basic skills because I was insecure about making even the tiniest sketch. I signed up for an art class in my neighbourhood and I discovered I really liked drawing. A lot. I learned fast and gained more confidence in the process. Then I made a nasty discovery – drawing is a skill that can be learned and easily be turned into a trick. Just mind your lights and darks, your negative spaces, lines, contours, gestures… If I didn’t want to turn into a calendar artist I had to change my act. So I did the orientation year at the Rietveld, which was great and after a year at Artless I decided to move on to Dogtime. I intend to take you along on my journey by means of this blog.

Yesterday we had our first drawing class by Jonas Ohlsson. Much was said and much was done, I was amazed by the productivity of my fellow students, not holding back even though some of them had not drawn since childhood. I did three drawings, two of my fellow students and one doodly bit that just went nowhere, but then again, we were not supposed to pay much attention to meaning or making a pretty picture, just to loosen up a bit and take the line for a walk.

Back at home I discussed the experience with Erik and he made a remark that got stuck in my mind: “You were in your comfort zone”.  He was so right! Drawing is something I now feel quite comfortable doing. Most of the time people like what they see so I can smugly relax and enjoy the compliments. One of the first things Mariëtte Renssen said when she got me in her class was to beware of turning my drawing into a trick. Have I?

So….  I’ve got my work cut out for me. How to boldly draw where no one has drawn before.