For Kicks

My iPhone accompanies me everywhere, keeping me connected to my social networks. I love taking pictures and sharing and discussing them on Twitter, Mobypicture and Flickr. The iPhone also records video but  until recently I had not made an effort to creatively explore film making. I just never had this itch, like the one I have when I see something and want to – must! –  shoot a photograph. Guido van Troost’s assignment to add video to a given soundtrack gave me an awkward feeling because I had no idea where to start. Silly, but there it is. Not starting anything was the result. No creative process, no film, but lots of guilt. Wasn’t I supposed to be this creative person, enjoying making things?

I’m fortunate to be blessed by a small army of friendly ass-kickers and one of them did his duty and  made me go out and GO FILM! There was little time left to film and edit the movie, but all of a sudden my brain cells were stirred, tickled and and bubbling. I had great fun shooting several bits of movie in the familiar streets at less than five minutes from my home. Ordinary scenes happening every day like people cleaning the streets, a building project, animals in a pet store and a toy shop display were suddenly not so ordinary anymore. Best of all I had a great time. Editing with iMovie also proved to a lot more fun than I had anticipated. I’m pleased with the result, but even more with this lesson of just doing it. OK, also liked the butt-kicking.