How to survive visual communication

Yesterday’s class on communication at Dogtime started with a bombardment of concepts, images, lines of thought and often hard to follow connections between art, people, politics, history, ways of seeing and ways of presenting images. In a way this verbal bombardment was mirroring the visual bombardment  we are all exposed to every single day. Back home, while waiting for the dust to settle I browsed through my notes. There was so much information I can easily understand why I went home with my head spinning. Let’s give it some time and start exploring.

I love the work of Gabriel Orozco so I was happy to see  some of his work presented in this class. Orozco has a philosophical but also humoristic way of looking at the world and manipulating objects and space. Art that makes me think as well as smile… things could be worse.

I expect to learn a lot in the months to come by exploring concepts like punctum and studium, meaning, focus, synchronicity, blending, truth and fact. Maybe I’ll even be able to create a masterpiece that conveys as much symbolism and truth as this Bonnie Tyler clip. Warning: it might eclipse your brain.